Young Adults

Who is the Representative for Children and Youth?

Jennifer Charlesworth has been the Rep since October 2018. She works to make sure that the rights and opinions of young adults with developmental disabilities as well as children and youth in B.C. are valued first and foremost in decisions that impact them. 

What does the Rep do?

The Rep and RCY staff work to make sure young adults who are eligible to access Community Living BC services get the help they need. They listen to you and make sure your rights are respected whenever a decision that affects you takes place. The Rep and RCY staff can connect you with other available services and champions in your community, and will give you some tips to speak on your own behalf.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is helping someone have their voice heard and making sure their rights are respected.

Why should I call the Rep?

You may feel like you are not being heard, or may feel unsupported in your community. You may not be aware of the different types of services and supports available to you. The Rep’s Office works closely with government and wants to make sure that you are an informed and empowered decision-maker.

What can I expect when I call the Rep? What can you offer me?

You will be connected to a youth and young adult advocate who will listen to your situation and your needs. They can offer you support, assistance, information and advice, as well as coach you to have a voice with decision-makers. If needed, they can also speak on your behalf to make sure your opinions are valued in the decision-making process.

What information will be shared about me?

Any information gathered about you is confidential. While most of the Rep’s advocacy services are done over the phone, advocates can also come and meet you in person. 

What if I don’t trust the advocate?

Advocates are there to act on your behalf. The Rep’s Office doesn’t work for a Ministry or Community Living BC – it works for you.

Do I have to talk to the Representative’s Office by myself? Can someone call for me?

You can have a family member, friend, support worker or someone else you trust with you when you call the Rep. Otherwise, you can have that person call the Rep for you. For the fastest result, it is best to either call by yourself or have someone with you when you call. That way you will be connected with an advocate within one business day. Callers requesting advocacy services for you will be responded to within three business days.