Every child and youth in British Columbia has the right to be healthy, safe, educated and to be heard. To ensure that these rights are upheld, the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth prepare a Service Plan (outlining our guiding vision, goals and values) and report on progress annually.


An organization highly valued for championing the fundamental rights of vulnerable children and youth, and for promoting improvements in the delivery of services to children, youth and their families that result in better lives for children and youth.


  • Advocacy supports vulnerable children in having their rights and interests protected and upheld, their voices heard and considered, and in being active participants in decisions affecting them.
  • The identification of opportunities for strengthening the child- and youth-serving system improves outcomes for vulnerable children and youth and the quality of services provided to them.
  • The examination of critical injuries and deaths contributes to ensuring that children and youth are safe from violence, abuse and neglect and exposure to violence.
  • Effective operations and practices and an expert, competent and diverse staff enhance the capacity of the Office to meet its mandate.



The Representative’s independence is enshrined in the act that establishes the Representative as an independent office of the Legislature. The Representative does not report through a government ministry, but is accountable to British Columbians, reporting to the Legislative Assembly and the Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth. The Representative and her staff ensure and maintain this independence by carrying out their duties and functions in an open, objective and impartial manner using an evaluative and evidence-based approach.


The child and the best interests of children and youth are at the centre of the work of the Office. At its core, a child-centred focus is based on the rights and interests of the child being the predominant consideration in evaluating the impact, and the responsiveness and effectiveness, of child- and youth-serving programs and services.