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July 6, 2018

Ignite Your Spirit 2 was a youth-led forum hosted by B.C.'s Representative for Children and Youth at Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island in August 2017 for Indigenous youth in care. The term "Ignite Your Spirit" is a reference to setting alight the passion within each person in order to advocate for change. The goal of the forum was to capture the realities experienced by Indigenous children and youth in B.C.'s child welfare system.

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March 2, 2017

Ever wonder what to do if you have a friend who needs help? Check out this short video and feel free to contact our advocates at BC's Office of the Representative for Children and Youth. You can call us, email us or find us online! Whatever works for you. :)

BC's Representative for Children and Youth (RCYBC) is an independent office of the Legislature. That means that we are not the government! RCYBC supports youth in care, young people and their families, and any children and youth who are not in government care but still require assistance in dealing with the government.

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February 1, 2018

In this video, our Social Media Youth Team spoke with Bernard and learned about his origin stories - where he came from, his first job, what he was like when he was young and his past experiences.

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