RCY Knowledge Keeper

By way of introduction:

Ey’skway’chul si’em nakwilia, usah Yuxwelupton, usah Qwal’qaxala, exin usah Lekwungen, Ditidaht, Tsadzis Nugwame (Da’naxwdax), Weiwaikai. Hay’sxw’qa si’em na’Quamichan shwalakwa I’ey’mut tung’exw, x’asa en’sne.

Good day respected all, I am Yuxwelupton, I am Qwal’qaxala. I am from the Place to Smoke Herring (Lekwungen) Victoria, (Ditidaht) Nitanaht one of the southern-most Nuu’chah’nulth Nations, The Sandstone People (Tsadzis Nugwame) New Vancouver, derived from a Chief’s name Wey Key (Weiwaikai) Cape Mudge. Thank you respected Humpback or Hunchback (Quamichan), referring to an old story of the lands, thank you for your beautiful lands and your sacred waters where my family and I get to call home.

Yuxwelupton walks with partner, Jennifer, grown kiddos Shayla (granny Kaydence, granddaughter), son Dakota, and youngest Cienna (most handsome Staqeya ‘Wolf’, grandson) and Cy the family guy (Aussie shep). Family is everything to Yuxwelupton and our l’il tribe fostered for just over 10 years and were fortunate to care for several nieces and nephews over the years. Our home has always been a place of safety and comfort for relatives.

Yuxwelupton began his journey of child welfare-related practice with Surrounded By Cedar Child and Family Services as the Cultural Programs Coordinator, then moved on to MCFD as the Provincial Roots Coordinator for just over three years, where Yuxwelupton was able to design a program that supported Roots leads and practitioners provincially, sat as coordinator for the Adoptions Exceptions Committee for just under two years, and worked alongside the Reconciliation team delivering and co-facilitating the Touchstones of Hope regionally. It was in the final year he worked alongside the PSA to support development of the Indigenous Relations Behavioural Competencies, which continued into his next role in the PSA.

From there, Yuxwelupton embarked on a six-month TA with the Aboriginal Youth Internship Program with the Public Service Agency, which ultimately led to a six-year FTE as the program coordinator and, in his final year, as the acting team lead. This learning experience was the building block of cultural safety, Indigenous world view, and reconciliation in how Yuxwelupton navigated working in partnership with inspiring Indigenous youth, their ministry supervisors and mentors, provincial Indigenous organizations and many more.

Yuxwelupton reached a comfort level within the internship program and made the decision to take on the role as Cultural Safety and Reconciliation manager within Strategic HR at MCFD. This role was partially a continuum of collaborative work around identity, culture and rights of Indigenous children and youth. The consultation led to design of many works supporting safety and reconciliation within the ministry. A few of those initiatives were: design of a Cultural Safe Workspace guide, consult with the OHS Fusion team, Reconciliation Dialogue, design of a ministry Smudge Policy and Practice guide, SHR Indigenous On-Boarding virtual guide and Exiting Interview guide.

Yuxwelupton’s goal was to eventually land at RCY – it has been a career ambition for well over 10 years. He is excited to take on the role as Knowledge Keeper and is excited to create work in collaboration with all the necessary folks to make this work rooted in the interests and needs of those we serve, our precious children and youth of our province. There is much to learn, unpack and reconcile as we move forward, and it is with wholehearted intention that the work will generate a spirit of respect and reciprocity. I look forward to walking with each of you in mutual learning.

Hay’sxw’qa si’em nakwilia, hay’eckwa, thank you respected all, that is all for now

Yuxwelupton Qwal’qaxala

Knowledge Keeper, RCY