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Effective Approaches for Reducing Childhood Anxiety

Practical and effective interventions to assist families and practitioners helping young people with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond ...

Representative’s Statement in response to government’s proposed changes to the Mental Health Act

I want to express my concerns about the lack of balance that the provincial government has taken in its approach ...

Representative’s Statement on National Indigenous Peoples Day

Today, as we recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day, the very first thing we are called upon to do is to ...

Representative’s Statement on Child and Youth in Care Week

Well, this is certainly not the 10th annual Child and Youth in Care Week we were expecting. COVID-19 has thrown ...


I don’t feel like my social worker is listening to me. Where can I make a complaint?

Each region has staff known as “dispute resolution consultants” who listen to complaints and help resolve issues. You can find ...
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I am not a child in care. Do you only advocate for children in care?

No. Any child or youth can contact us and talk to someone who will determine if we are able to ...
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I am currently staying at a safe house and I don’t want to return home. Can you help me find a place to live?

A social worker within the Ministry of Children and Family Development will need to assess your situation to determine the ...
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