Monitoring Reports
Mar 26, 2013

The Representative's audit on the plans of care for children and youth who are in the long-term care of the Province of British Columbia.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Feb 7, 2013

The Representative's investigation examines the entire life and the full spectrum of services that this young boy and his family received and whether they were appropriate and responsive to his needs.

Dec 7, 2012

 OTTAWA – The vice‐president of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child oday wraps up her four‐day visit to Canada which included stops in Ontario, New Brunswick and Québec.

The Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates (CCCYA) invited Marta Maurás of Chile o visit Canada to observe first‐hand this country’s implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Nov 15, 2012

The Representative’s aggregate review which examines the life circumstances of 15 youth who died as a result of suicide and 74 youth who engaged in self-injury behaviours.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Mar 1, 2012

The Representative’s child death investigation into the lives and deaths of three B.C. children killed by their father shows  domestic violence fixes called for two years ago are still needed.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Sep 13, 2011

This report looks into the chaotic life and unexpected death of a four-month-old First Nations infant. It identifies troubling inadequacies in planning, case management and decision-making, and makes recommendations to address gaps in how government and delegated Aboriginal agencies work together, and in how courts assess potential caregivers.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Jun 27, 2011

The Representative's investigation examines the services and supports provided to a 15- year-old girl with Down syndrome, who was found in September 2010 alone with the body of her deceased mother. The report examines whether the services were appropriate and responsive to the child's situation.

Monitoring Reports
Apr 14, 2011

The Representative's report reviewing the use of phallometric testing on male youth in B.C.’s sexual offense treatment program.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Jan 27, 2011

This report is an aggregated, in-depth look at the lives and deaths of 21 B.C. infants collectively studied to identify and analyze trends. The report contains seven recommendations.

CID Reviews and Investigations
Dec 6, 2010

This Special Report reviews the current MCFD policy regarding the reporting of critical injuries and deaths to the Representative. It makes a recommendation regarding needed improvements to the policy.