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Representative’s Statement on National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day is a time to hold up and celebrate the culture, resistance and vision of First Nations, …

Statement from Canadian Council of Child and Youth Advocates on UNCRC’s Concluding Observations for Canada

On June 9, 2022, the UNCRC released its Concluding Observations for Canada as its final step in this reporting cycle …

Representative’s Statement on Youth in Care Week

As the province’s Representative for Children and Youth, I have the privilege of meeting with and learning from many young …

Representative’s Statement on the Province’s Amendments to the Mental Health Act

The amendments to the Mental Health Act will enable people who are involuntarily admitted to access support from an independent …


My social worker told me I need to live with my auntie, but I don’t want to stay there. Can you help me find another place to live?

One of our advocates can listen to your concerns and assist you with having your voice heard and considered by …
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My friend is being abused. What should I do?

You should call the Children’s Helpline right away. Call 310-1234 (no area code), or dial 0 from any phone in …
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I’m 16. I applied for a youth agreement and I’m not eligible. Can you help me get a youth agreement?

Contact us to learn more about youth agreements and how they work. We can help you figure out why you …
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I’m 13 and don’t want to live with the foster parents I’ve been placed with. Can I move to another home?

The Rep can’t step in and change a decision that has been made about you, but we can help you …
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