The Representative ensures that the agencies serving children and youth between the ages of birth and 19 are providing programs and services that meet the needs of this population. The Representative also assists young adults between their 19th and 27th birthdays who are eligible for CLBC services and who received a reviewable service in the 15 months before their 19th birthdays, or who have aged out of care and who are on or eligible for an Agreement with Young Adults (AYA), or who are on or eligible for a provincial post-secondary tuition waiver.

The Representative has a special interest in children and youth who are in government care, such as foster care or custody, or youth who have been remanded to an institutional or community setting.

The Representative also has a special focus on Indigenous children and youth, who make up fewer than one in 10 young people in B.C., but more than half of all children in care. The Representative makes special efforts to consult with Indigenous people and communities. Indigenous children must be supported in a way that respects their unique sense of place, culture, language and community. The Representative recognizes that ethno-cultural communities have unique strengths and challenges that they face in preparing a better path for their children.