The Representative for Children and Youth Act

The Representative’s role and jurisdiction are defined in the Representative for Children and Youth Act and its regulations. Under these, the Representative can:

The authority of the Representative is defined by reviewable services and designated services in the Act.

Reviewable Services

Reviewable services are services or programs under the Child, Family and Community Service Act and Youth Justice Act and include mental health and addictions services for children.

The Representative’s authority to initiate a review or investigation is limited to reviewable services.

Designated Services

Designated services are government-funded services or programs for children and their families including but not limited to:

  • family support
  • child protection
  • foster care
  • adoption
  • guardianship
  • children and youth with disabilities
  • early childhood development and child care services
  • mental health and addiction services for children
  • youth justice
  • services for youth and young adults during their transition to adulthood
  • CLBC services for young adults between their 19th and 27th birthdays