The Representative for Children and Youth is an independent Officer of the Legislature, accountable to citizens through their elected officials. See the links below to learn more about the operations and outcomes of the Office.

Select Standing Committee on Children and Youth
Every one of the RCY’s reports is reviewed and discussed by the committee. Transcripts and audio of meetings are available here.

Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services
This committee is responsible for reviewing the budget submissions of all eight independent (also called “statutory”) officers and determining their approved funding each fiscal year. Committee materials are available here.

Annual Reports and Service Plans
Under the Representative for Children and Youth Act, the RCY must prepare an annual report and service plan each year, with financial statements audited by the Auditor General of B.C. These reports and service plans are available here.

Public Interest Disclosure Act
Annual report about disclosures for the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth. This report is available here.

Representative’s Travel Expenses
The Representative’s travel expenses are currently posted annually. Travel expense reports are available at the following links:

Jennifer Charlesworth – FY 2021-22

Jennifer Charlesworth – FY 2022-23