Developing and tracking recommendations

A new process for RCY

April 27, 2020

RCY has streamlined its process for developing recommendations made in RCY reports submitted to the Legislative Assembly as well as tracking and publicly reporting on progress made toward the implementation of those recommendations. This process was developed in consultation with the B.C. ministries RCY has made recommendations to: Children and Family Development, Education, Health and Mental Health and Addictions.

The new process will guide the development of recommendations for future RCY reports and tracking the responses to those recommendations, specifically:

  • RCY is responsible for developing and finalizing all recommendations
  • RCY will discuss with relevant public bodies its findings and draft recommendations prior to public report releases
  • Relevant public bodies will provide RCY with an action plan six months after a report’s release regarding actions that have been undertaken, or are planned, to satisfy each RCY recommendation
  • Beginning on the anniversary of the public release of each RCY report, RCY will request updates from each public body on the status of implementation of the recommendations
  • RCY will assess the evidence provided by public bodies and will post updates on its website on RCY’s assessment of the status of the recommendations based on the provided evidence
  • Recommendations will be tracked and updates will be posted on RCY’s website for three years after the report is released, or longer at the Representative’s discretion.

The process will be reviewed periodically. The goal of this approach is to ensure that recommendations are relevant and that there is public reporting and accountability in relation to the implementation of those recommendations.

Reports with updates on recommendations: