Supporting B.C.’s Children and Youth

Every child and youth in British Columbia has the right to be healthy, safe, educated, and to be heard. The dedicated team of advocates who work in the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth (RCY) is committed to ensuring that the rights and interests of children and youth are protected and upheld, and that their views are heard and considered by decision-makers.

Who do we help?

1. Children and youth receiving reviewable services or programs provided or funded by government including: services under the  Adoption Act, services under the Youth Justice Act, services under the Community Living Authority Act, and additional services or programs prescribed by regulation under the Representative for Children and Youth Act including:

    • children and youth in care
    • young people under a youth agreement
    • young people in custody
    • children and youth with special needs
    • youth with special needs transitioning to adult services

2. Young adults, from their 19th to 27th birthdays, who are eligible to receive services from Community Living BC and who received a reviewable service within 15 months of the person’s 19th birthday

3. Young adults, from their 19th to 27th birthdays, who have aged out of care and who are on or eligible for an Agreement with Young Adults (AYA), or who are on or eligible for a provincial post-secondary tuition waiver.

Reviewable services are generally either provided or funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) and include services or programs under the Child, Family and Community Services Act and the Youth Justice Act; mental health services for children, Child in the Home of a Relative support, and addiction services for children.

How can we help?

  • Help children, youth and young adults know their rights and what to do if those rights are ignored
  • Help connect children, youth and young adults with services and the programs they need
  • Help children, youth and young adults speak up in a way that might solve their problem
  • Help children, youth and young adults be a part of discussions about the care and services they receive and the decisions made about them
  • Assist youth and young adults in their transition out of MCFD care
  • Assist transitioning youth and young adults eligible for Community Living BC.

What can’t we do?

  • Override decisions made by ministries, child- and youth-serving organizations, or CLBC
  • Speak for children and youth in a law court or influence legal decisions made about them
  • Represent children in custody or access matters or change these arrangements
  • Provide child protection services
  • Act on behalf of a young person in a Representation Agreement or application for Committeeship

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