The Representative’s advocates can help if a young person feels they are being treated unfairly, or if they think they’re not being heard. The Rep and the Individual Advocacy, First Nations, Métis and Inuit Engagement team can also help youth who are receiving government services, or who want to receive government services.

There may be times you feel like you’re all alone. But you’re not. Whether you aren’t getting services you need from the government, or if you feel like you’re being hurt or if you just need to talk to someone about a problem, the Rep’s office is here for you.

You have a right to have your voice heard and considered by people who are making decisions about you. The Rep’s office can help you speak out and be heard if you’re having a problem getting a government service, if you disagree with a decision that was made about you or if you’re having a hard time speaking up for your rights.

When you contact the Rep and talk to one of our advocates, they will do one or more of the following things:

  • Provide information about your rights and government services
  • Help you think of ways to solve the problem you’re having
  • Help you become a self-advocate by helping you speak up for yourself in a way that might solve the problem
  • Give you the name and telephone number of someone who can look into the problem and help you find a solution
  • Send written information that explains how to make a complaint and how to be an effective self-advocate in working out a complaint
  • Help you find an advocate who can help you speak on your own behalf or speak for you if you are afraid or too shy
  • Become the advocate if there is no one else that can help you be heard

When you contact the Rep’s office, no one needs to know you made the call – not your parents or foster parents, not your social worker, not anyone. We respect your privacy and will not tell anyone you called unless you want us to. The only time we might have to tell someone you called is if you are being hurt and we need to get you help.

It is important to remember that speaking up doesn’t always mean that you will get exactly what you want. But, if you don’t speak out, nothing will change.

To learn more about some of the cases where RCY advocates have helped, view our Case Profiles.