Every child and youth in British Columbia has the right to be healthy, safe, educated and to be heard. To ensure that these rights are upheld, the Office of the Representative for Children and Youth prepare a Service Plan (outlining our guiding vision, goals and values) and report on progress annually.


A province in which children and youth are healthy and safe, and their interests and viewpoints are heard and acted upon.


  • Improved services to vulnerable children and youth
  • Children and youth are engaged in the work of the Office
  • The Office is more reflective of Indigenous children and families served
  • The Office is working in an informed, effective and integrated manner


Child and Youth Centred

To help achieve the best possible outcomes for children and youth in British Columbia

Indigenous Rights

First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples have inherent rights and responsibilities for the safety and well-being of their children and youth, including a collective right to cultural identity and connection to their traditional territories and communities

Cultural Safety and Reconciliation

Our work is rooted in relationships that are based on respect, reconciliation, equity, accountability and Indigenous voices


We honour the unique backgrounds, viewpoints, rights and beliefs of children, youth and adults; everyone is treated with dignity, equality and trust


Demonstrating high standards of behaviour and conduct that is respectful, professional and honest; producing work that is accurate, fair, just and consistent


Open, honest and responsible in relationships with each other, community stakeholders and the public; informed decision-making taking into account multiple perspectives and best practices


Balanced conflicting interests and exercising impartiality; equality and equity in all interactions both internal and external; displaying empathy and understanding