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Children’s advocates call for significant mental health planning and investment now and after pandemic on National Child and Youth Mental Health Day

COVID-19 is having major mental health consequences for children and youth across Canada and will have a lasting – and ...
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Excluded: Increasing Understanding, Support and Inclusion for Children with FASD and their Families

The provincial government should take both immediate and long-term action to improve supports and services to children with fetal alcohol ...
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Representative’s statement on Social Work Week

This year, we celebrate Social Work Week under the continued cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic – a circumstance that, over ...
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Representative’s Statement on International Women’s Day

This International Women's Day, we raise our hands to women everywhere -- especially here in British Columbia -- who have ...
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I need braces and I have asked my social worker and have not received an answer yet. It’s been six months. Can you help me get the braces I need?

One of our advocates can help you by requesting that the social worker answer your question as soon as possible ...
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I live in a group home. Can you help get me a transfer?

If you are unhappy where you've been placed, the Rep's office can help you think of ways to solve a ...
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I live in a group home and I am turning 19 soon. Am I able to stay here, or do I have to move?

When you turn 19, you are no longer considered a child in care and you cannot typically live in a ...
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I have been in the same foster home for three years, and now I have to move, but I don’t want to. What should I do?

It might be possible for you to stay with your foster family, but each young person's situation is different. The ...
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