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Missing: Why are children disappearing from B.C.’s child welfare system?

Stories of children and youth who are lost or missing from the child welfare system continue to emerge as an …

Advocating for Change: Five Years in Review

Advocating for Change takes a closer look at how well recommendations made by the Representative are implemented by government. Over …

Toward Inclusion: The need to improve access to mental health services for children and youth with neurodevelopmental conditions

A new research report released today by the Representative for Children and Youth (RCY) in conjunction with the Children’s Health …

Key Components of Effective Service Delivery for Children and Youth with Support Needs and their Families

A Research Review and Analysis – by Pat Mirenda, Ph.D. – submitted to the Office of the Representative for Children …
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What does the Rep do?

The Rep and her staff work to make sure young adults who are eligible to access Community Living BC services …
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What can I expect when I call the Rep? What can you offer me?

You will be connected to a youth and young adult advocate who will listen to your situation and your needs …
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Do I have to talk to the Representative’s Office by myself? Can someone call for me?

You can have a family member, friend, support worker or someone else you trust with you when you call the …
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