Welcome to the Representative’s Advocacy phone line for children and youth. If you would like to get help from an Advocate, you can give us a call for free from anywhere in B.C.

Basic stuff to know

What will happen when I call?

Phone FAQs

Who can use the service?

Is it free?

Yes, and it always will be.

Will my call really be confidential?

Yes, what you say will be kept private unless you or someone else is in immediate danger. In that case, the law requires us to notify authorities.

Do I have to say who I am?

No. We may ask you for your name, but you don’t have to provide it.

Who will I be talking to?

You will be talking to an Intake Advocate, which is a person who can help you find solutions to your problem. You may be transferred to an Advocate if your situation is complex. The Advocate will work with you to find solutions.

Are there other ways I can contact you?