NOVEMBER 1, 2009

In honour of Adoption Awareness month, I wish to thank our province’s adoptive families for the commitment they have made to some of our most vulnerable children. The stability you provide for your children paves the way for them to become the successful contributing members of society they deserve to be.

My office is here to support you in the advocacy work you do on behalf of your children. We have a team of very experienced advocates working in our Victoria, Vancouver and Prince George offices who can assist you in ensuring your child’s voice is heard and the services they need are . Like you, my Office is committed to seeing every child in British Columbia grow up in a supportive and healthy family environment. The fact that you have opened your doors and hearts to a child who was so in need of a safe harbour is an amazing contribution, both to the child and to society as a whole.

In a ceremony in Vancouver on November 4, 2009, my Office presented the Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia with this year’s Representative’s Award of Excellence in Advocacy. This exemplary organization was recognized for their tireless commitment to the adoption of children and youth in care and particularly, for their focus on youth adoption given that the majority of youth in care age out of the system without a family to call their own. I commend the Adoptive Families Association of BC for its leadership and for the incredible support they have provided to young people in need of a family.

As adoptive parents yourselves, you have my full support and admiration. My staff and I thank you again for your many efforts to improve the well-being of B.C.’s most vulnerable young citizens.

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond
B.C.’s Representative for Children and Youth