APRIL 21, 2017

Welcome to My World is a podcast created by Louis, a member of the Representative’s Social Media Youth Team. Louis is a Métis youth with primarily high-functioning Autism-Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as other invisible disabilities. His podcast provides an authentic glimpse of life from the point of view of a person living with developmental disabilities – including his personal experiences and tips. New podcasts will be uploaded regularly. Stay tuned for more of Louis’s unique perspective!

Episode 6: Trust and Trickery

A difficult topc: on dealing with having to prove you’re disabled. Louis talks about the abuse of disability benefits by a few people, and how that makes it tougher for those who need them.


Episode 5: Dealing with Bad Days

How do you cope with a bad day? In this episode, Louis talks about his strategies for calming down when life gets to be too much.


Episode 4: National Aboriginal Day – about belonging

What does Métis look like? As weapproach National Aboriginal Day, Louis shares his thoughts on fitting into the celebrations, no matter what you look like.


Episode 3: Dealing with CLBC

Dealing with government or large organizations is not always easy, especially when you have a disability. In this episode, Louis gives his tips on navigating the bureaucracy when you have disabilites.


Episode 2: Making friends

“It’s a process almost like reading a book. That’s how I have to adjust.”


Episode 1: Introduction

“When I initially thought English was my first language, I realized that it was actually my second language and that autism was my first language.”